Portrait of Susan Noble and her catBackground

Susan Noble was raised on a sprawling family farm near the Mississippi River between the beautiful historic towns of Natchez and Port Gibson. She was a born artist, growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature, which gave her great sensitivity to visual elements. Even as a small child, she was fascinated by relationships between color, light, and texture as she would watch her mother and older brother sketch and paint.  Studying painting at the University of Mississippi under Jere Allen, she was taught to transfer emotion to canvas.  Her professor soon used her sketches and paintings as models in class for their sensitivity and freshness.  Her subjects became characters, and her landscapes, alive with color, contrast and depth.


“When I made the choice to pursue interior design as a profession in 1979, my approach to completing a project was to treat each room as a blank canvas.  I worked to create a welcoming space infused with the character of my client. I fill in the background with shapes and forms, color and texture – always mindful of their relationship to light. My work is instinctual and comes from the soul of an artist first, an interior designer second.  As an interior designer, it is vital to understand composition within a space. The relationships between light, color, texture, shapes and forms must make sense and be integrated into a harmonious composition.”

Working With The Client

Noble first establishes a relationship with her client through a comprehensive interview to explore what is important to the client in their home environment and lifestyle. She then looks at the client’s existing furnishings, artwork, and accessories to evaluate what to keep, what to eliminate, and what to buy to complete the project, including artwork and accessories. Noble prides herself on the cost-effectiveness of her design work and purchasing, and builds a close relationship with each client to understand their needs and desires.

Noble Design’s goal for each client is to create an engaging and functional living environment which speaks classic elegance. She has worked on homes in a wide range of design styles from an early 1800′s Creole cottage in New Orleans to a minimalistic modern architect-designed oceanfront mansion to large upscale suburban development. In each case, the design solution brought the raw canvas of the structure to life, with sensitivity to the client and budget, often blending modern and classical elements.