The sofas here are sculptural in form, while light reflects off the linear glass vase of reeds. A marble table from Knoll between them plays a very important, but subtle, part in this timeless space.
Notice the two lamps against the wall  — they become characters on a stage, flanking the two matching Womb chairs, one a stick man, the other a shapely maiden. How interesting the shapes are here, as the curved backs of the chairs contrast with the straight lines of the sofas.
The textures here are magnificently organic: wood, steel, glass, wool, paper, sisal; set off by a striking zebra rug.
The foyer exhibits harmonious balance emblematic of classical style, while using modernist elements. The angled staircase and the glimpse of sky above it are grounded by the orderly shapes of the glass doorway, the horizontal slatted bench and the custom geometric rug.